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IBM has this big 200+ Mb Eclipse plugin where I'm given access to everything and all functionality of Eclipse.

Is there a smaller more lightweight Eclipse plugin available that just gives access to the information a developer needs. Basically just a list of the workitems assigned to me or my team.

Yes, I can configure the big existing IBM plugin to just display that info, but then I'd still have this massive behemoth installed in my Eclipse.

I am aware of Tasktop Dev that allows me to import the workitems into my mylyn tasklist, but I'm looking for something cheaper.

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No, because that plugin would have to manage work items and change sets (the list of versioned files), that is the planning and the source control part.
Plus you would need the EMF - GMF dependencies, part of the 200+ MB bundle, as described in "Tip: Installing the Rational Team Concert client into Eclipse 3.5.x".

Which is basically 75% of what the RTC plugin is (the rest being a link to the JBE: Jazz Build Engine).

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