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I have a select with a multiple subselects.

I would like to do a case statement where I compare string to sting. For example from ireport I get as a parameter a schema of database. In case of one schema take one select in case of another take another select

        (select a from b) as one,
        (select case "msp." = "msp" THEN select bla bla bal
       else select bla bla) as two

postgres doesn't support this I guess.

I tried to put all smth like

        (select a from b) as one,
        (select case par = "msp" THEN select bla bla bal
       else select bla bla) as two
   (select "msp." as par)

but (select "msp." as par ) doesn't work as well. Like SELECT 1+2 as result does. I tried do do smth similar. any suggestions??

thank you

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What you're trying to do here is really unclear. Are you wanting fuzzy string matching so that "msp." matches "msp"? –  Steve Jan 18 '13 at 12:29
yes, from iReport i send parameter of database schema. and I want that parameter (type string) to be compared so the right select statement in subselect is taken –  Yebach Jan 18 '13 at 12:35

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If you're always going to be matching a string against a string with a . appended then the easiest thing to do is just append the . when comparing. e.g.

'foo.' = 'foo' || '.'
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