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Dojo's dijit html5 tags use an attribte name data-dojo-props. The value is basically a JSON string without quotes around the property names and without the outermost braces.

It looks something like this.

data-dojo-props="prop1:'xyz', prop2:true, prop3: { subprop1: 1, subprop2: 'abc'}"

I'm using C# to write this out from a C# object using JSON.NET and passing in the object pointer. I found settings to leave out the property name quotes, but I can't figure out a graceful way to remove the outside braces.

For now, I'll run the string through a regex to remove them, but was wondering if someone new a better way.

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I serialize each top level property separately and make it a global javascript variable. I then reference that variable in data-dojo-props. I admit it's not that elegant.

My concern with your approach above, is if the value of subprop2 contains a quote, you will get a parser error.

<script type="text/javascript">
<div data-dojo-type="SomeWidget" data-dojo-props="menuData: menuData"></div>
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Well, actually, JSON.net will make those single quotes @quot; so that's not a problem. Also, you're allowed to have single quotes since the entire attribute value is enclosed in double quotes. They way my code is structured, I really need to keep the global variable down to a minimum, so I prefer embedding the properties in the html and not have a separate js variable. Thanks for the suggestion though. –  markdemich Jan 20 '13 at 13:26

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