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What are the DOS-like operating systems parts and their specifications?

For example:


  1. Kernel Design: blah blah blah
  2. File System: blah blah blah
  3. Bootloader: ...
  4. ...


  1. ...
  2. ...

Multiuser DOS:

  1. ...

and so on.

P.S. I'm interested to know about all the versions, so feel free to share your knowledge about any of list or unlisted versions.

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Well, MS-DOS is very different from a linux without graphic interface. Incredibly different. And answering your question about components and specifications would require a book.. or two. What exactly are you interested in? – Jean Mar 24 '13 at 0:08
Is it an assignment? – Jean Mar 24 '13 at 0:32

Here is a start (with a huge list):

Comparison of DOS operating systems and some of their technical specifications (on wikipedia)

They talk about:

  • PC-DOS
  • MS-DOS
  • Z-DOS
  • DR DOS
  • Caldera OpenDOS
  • FreeDos


Here are more informations on the system components of MS-DOS, including design, boot system, file system, drive naming scheme, memory management, etc.

There is also an extensive Comparison of operating systems on wikipedia, with some technical information…

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