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I am having a mysql user defined function called SPLIT_STRING in my database as

  x VARCHAR(255),
  delim VARCHAR(12),
  pos INT
) RETURNS varchar(255) CHARSET latin1
       LENGTH(SUBSTRING_INDEX(x, delim, pos -1)) + 1),
       delim, '')

to split the value according to the position, and i am using trigger to update the status where i need a temp variable to store the data with the help of function SPLIT_STR as

delimiter //
CREATE TRIGGER `after_tbl1_insert` AFTER INSERT ON `tbl1`
DECLARE cab_meter_new VARCHAR(10);
DECLARE cab_cost_new VARCHAR(10);

SET @cab_meter_new = SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 1); 
select SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 1) INTO @cab_meter_new,SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 2) INTO @cab_meter_old; //Throws error
END //
delimiter ;

Where if i call a function in trigger it throws an error as

#1327 - Undeclared variable: SPLIT_STR

Is this right way to call a function to set variable, Can we able to call a function in trigger, I am using Mysql version 5.1.66

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Sorry the problem is the syntax of select into

select SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 1) INTO @cab_meter_new,SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 2) INTO @cab_meter_old; // Incorrect - and shows SPLIT_STR is not defined(Thinks as variable)

select SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 1),SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 2)  INTO @cab_meter_new, @cab_meter_old; //Correct syntax to store multiple
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Try this::

SET @cab_meter_new := SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 1); //Throwing error here

or you can::

Select SPLIT_STR(NEW.gps_rs232, '|', 1) INTO @cab_meter_new;
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I tried that too and second one i already mentioned in question itself but no use.. –  senK Jan 18 '13 at 12:38

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