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I am trying to do the style fill color to a javascript variable. I have to reuse this variable at different location of the SVG code.

<path d="......."

Please help me.

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Where is your javascript? Why don't you simply use CSS? – Bergi Jan 18 '13 at 12:29
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Are you saying you have to reuse the style fill for different paths in the svg?

A javascript variable will not help you with this, what you are looking to do is use CSS class rule across multiple paths.

    <path d="......." class="myPaths" id="path3950"/>
    <path d="......." class="myPaths" id="path3951"/>
    <path d="......." class="myPaths" id="path3952"/>

    //in css, either by linking a file at the top of the svg
    //     or with 
    <style type="text/css" >
            .myPaths {
                fill: #c1e0b2;

and the CSS fill will be applied to them all.

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You can get inline css values in javascript by this code.

var p = document.getElementById("path3950");  
var fill_color ="fill");  

fill_color will be "#c1e0b2".

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