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I have created an Incoming shipment, and i have received those item. I remember at Openerp 6.1, draft invoice can be easily created base on reception of delivery by supplier. At 7.0 when I go to "More->Create draft invoices" even i have set the option as screenshot

it still give me this error "Warning! This picking list does not require invoicing."

So I got to manually create an invoice by re-entering each item again.

Hopefully someone can help,

Appreciate so much.

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I found a way but I'm not sure whether it is the correct way or not.

I enabled "Developer Mode", then I go to "Incoming Shipment->Create" to open new form. then at the top, there is a droplist "Debug View#552->Edit FormView" and found there is a line...

<field name="invoice_state" string="Invoice Control" groups="account.group_account_invoice" attrs="{'invisible':[('invoice_state', '=', 'none')]}"/>

so I remove the attrs="{'invisible':[('invoice_state', '=', 'none')]}" and save, then the Invoice Control show up with few option such as Invoiced, To be invoice, Not applicable. I believe this can help to create the draft invoice but it looks like a hack to me.

any thought?


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I just made some tests with runbot.openerp.com and It doesnt work as expected, This is not a configuration issue there is a bug with current 7.0 version you should report it on launchpad.

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This has been reported (and fixed).

Details at https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-addons/+bug/1115933

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