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I am new in AndEngine. I am using following code to display an image of a ball.

private ITextureRegion mBallTextureRegion;
private Sprite ball1;

public void onCreateResources() {
   ITexture ball = new BitmapTexture(this.getTextureManager(),
             new IInputStreamOpener() {
                public InputStream open() throws IOException {
                return getAssets().open("gfx/ball.png");
  this.mBallTextureRegion = TextureRegionFactory.extractFromTexture(ring1);


protected Scene onCreateScene() {
   final Scene scene = new Scene();
   ball1 = new Sprite(192, 63, this.mBallTextureRegion, getVertexBufferObjectManager());


Now, depending on the game level I want to add multiple ball of different size in the scene. Is it possible to add ITextureRegion mBallTextureRegion multiple time in different size(using different magnifying it)? If it is, then how? Please help me this sample code.

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There is other Sprite constructors, use Sprite(x, y, w, h, textureRegion, vetexBufferObjectManager). Assign different w and h, so, you can have different size sprites. Or, you can use Sprite methods setScale/setScaleX/setScaleY to change the sprite size after you have created the sprite. –  正宗白布鞋 Jan 18 '13 at 13:31
Did you checked the AndEngien samples there are many thing covered in them. –  Ali Imran Jan 18 '13 at 17:55

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if you want to resize a Sprite,AnimatedSprite,Text,etc...

//the original image x2, 2f because the parameter is float

if you use a texture region in more sprites:

Sprite youSprite; 
 //set deepCopy() in you texture to optimized memory
youSprite= new Sprite(0,0,youTexture.deepCopy(),mEnginge.getVertexTextureManager());

and if you want generate random position of each ball use "Random" variable.

best regards.

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