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I have these code in .NET VB.NET:


Dim serverIP As String = ""

    Dim localIP As String = ""

    Dim port As Integer = 55672

    Dim apiAddr As String = "/api/queues/%2f/" & localIP & "/get"
    Dim requestAddr As String = "http://" & serverIP & ":" & port & apiAddr


    wb = New System.Net.WebClient

    While isConnect = True

    Dim postBody As String = My.Settings.body1    '' it is correct json parameters

wb.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "application/json")

    wb.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("guest", "guest")

    Dim result As String = wb.UploadString(requestAddr, "POST", postBody)

    If result IsNot Nothing AndAlso result.Length > 0 Then

    Debug.WriteLine(Now.ToString & ":" & "RESPONSE:  " & result)
    End If

Occur '405 Method not allowed' and 'request was aborted' Error When i use HTTP type to get RabbitMQ Message.

Sometimes occurs '405 Method not allowed', Sometimes occurs

'request was aborted' error.

Our username,password,port,queue name and server ip are all correct. and i use 'PUT' Method to try but also occurs ERROR-->: the underlying connection was closed, unable to read data from the transport connection.


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1 Answer 1


Dim port As Integer = 15672

instead of

Dim port As Integer = 55672

The port changed in RabbitMQ 3.0 and up - see the RabbitMQ Blog

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