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Django documentation on transaction management focuses on write operations. I'm puzzled what guarantees Django gives on read consistency. If one request executes multiple read queries, and the second request writes to a database between these queries, is there a guarantee that the first request won't see the modifications?

To illustrate the question with a simple example:

c1 = select count(*) from Users
   <--- here User added by some other request
c2 = select count(*) from Users
assert c1 == c2 <-- Is this always true?

If there is no such guarantee, is it possible to achieve such isolation?

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Good question, I wanna know that too now that you said it. –  PepperoniPizza Jan 18 '13 at 15:14

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Django isn't in the business of guaranteeing these things: it's up to the database. But Django does, by default, operate each request within its own transaction, which does mean that it is isolated for reads.

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