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My understanding of changing db.Model schemas is that it 'doesn't matter' if you add a property and then try and fetch old entities without that property.

Indeed, adding the following property to my SiteUser db.Model running on dev_server:

category_subscriptions = db.StringProperty()

Still allows me to retrieve an old SiteUser entity doesn't have this property (via a GQL query).

However, changing the property to a list property, (either StringListProperty, ListProperty):

category_subscriptions = db.StringListProperty()

results in the following error when I try and retrieve the user:

BadValueError: Property category_subscriptions is required

This is on the SDK dev server version 1.7.4. Why is that and how would I work around it?

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this is ONLY a problem on dev_server. in production it's fine. –  HorseloverFat Jan 18 '13 at 14:12
Could you try retrieving an old SiteUser entity using its Key id instead of a GQL query and see if you still get an error message? –  Martín Valdés de León Jan 18 '13 at 14:53

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here's my workaround to get it working on dev_server:

1) update your model in production and deploy it

2) use appcfg.py download_data and grab all entities of the type you've updated

3) use appcfg.py upload_data and push all the entities into your local datastore

voila.. your local datastore entities can now be retrieved without generating BadValueError

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