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Play! Framework does not have group by function. This lack of functionality really starts to irritate me. How do I workaround that? I want byRouteId to group by trip_headsign. Simple raw query would look like:

FROM trips
WHERE route_id = 1070
GROUP BY trip_headsign

This is my Trip.java

public class Trip extends Model {

    public String route_id;
    public String service_id;
    public String trip_id;
    public String trip_headsign;
    public String direction_id;
    public String block_id;
    public String shape_id;

    public TRoute troute;

    public static List<Trip> byRouteId(String route_id) {
        List<Trip> trips = 
            .fetch("troute") // fetch TRoute properties.
            .where().like("route_id", route_id)
        return trips;

    public static Finder<String, Trip> find = new Finder(
            String.class, Trip.class

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This thread might help you. Can you test if one of the methods work? – Carsten Jan 21 '13 at 17:43
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You can use a raw SQL query instead by using the createNativeQuery function from the EntityManager class from javax.persistence.

EntityManager em = play.db.jpa.JPA.em();
List<Trip> tripList = em.createNativeQuery("insert raw sql query here").getResultList();
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[RuntimeException: No JPA EntityManagerFactory configured for name [default]] – heroix Jan 20 '13 at 14:30

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