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My aim is to fill property with output of command "git describe". I have a property:

<property name="build.version" value = ""/>

And I want to fill it with output of the following command: git describe

I tried:

<exec program='${git.executable}' outputproperty='build.version'>
  <arg value='describe' />

but unlike the Ant, NAnt doesn't support outputproperty :( only output (to file).

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You're right. You have resultproperty attribute to hold the exit code and output attribute to redirect the output.

Why don't you redirect the output and load the file afterwards via loadfile task:

<target name="foo">
    value="C:\foo.txt" />
  <exec program="${git.executable}" output="${git.output.file}">
    <arg value="describe" />
    property="git.output" />
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Thanks, I did exactly the same already. I was looking for a solution without any temp files :( –  Nagg Jan 19 '13 at 10:40
When I do this, I'm getting a carriage return in the file, which then gets transformed into '&#xD;&#xA;' Any ideas? –  Nikhil Gupta Sep 23 '13 at 11:33

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