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How do i split a table:

I have a table that i want to split in different tables when the rows are to long. I made a script that measures the height of row and adds it up to the height till a specific height is met. Then the class "new-row" will be added. That is as far as i come...

Javascript jQuery

  var init_height = $("table").height();   // total table height
  var max_height = 400;                    // example max height
  if(init_height > max_height) {
    var pages = Math.ceil(init_height / max_height);
  var start_height = 0;                    // start counter
    start_height = start_height + $(this).height();
    if(start_height > max_height) {
      $(this).addClass("new");             // marks the new table
      start_height = 0;                    // reset counter

  //$(this).find('.new'); ???????????



      <td>Dolor sit amet..... etc</td>
    <!-- a lot more rows here -->

In this jsfiddle you can see the rows that should begin in a new table marked red. My desired outcome would also have the theads in every new table.

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Most of what you want:


$(".new").each(function () {

I'm not sure whether you want to leave the .new in the old table or not. If you don't, remove .addBack. You will also have to fill the <thead>, but that should be pretty easy.

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Might be worth mentioning that .addBack is new to jQuery 1.9, and is equivalent to .andSelf in older versions. –  Blazemonger Jan 18 '13 at 14:24
@Blazemonger I think you're wrong about that: jsfiddle.net/8Qae5 -- it's just that .andSelf is deprecated now, I think –  Explosion Pills Jan 18 '13 at 14:30
You are correct -- apparently it was added quietly in 1.8. –  Blazemonger Jan 18 '13 at 14:31
thanks to your answer i fixed it now, btw i made a mistake with the reset counter, because .new is the beginning of a new table it's height should also be added to counter after its reset.. sorry not my native explaining language. result: jsfiddle.net/BCK89/2 –  Gijs Jan 18 '13 at 14:58

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