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I wanted to allow any routes which start with # and any number

Example :

This should basically execute renderMyPage.

Tried below things but didn't work

routes : { 

    "" : "renderMyPage",
    "#:/" : "renderMyPage"

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A few things:

If your application is not being served from the root url / of your domain, you need to tell History where the root really is

Backbone.history.start({root: "/mypage/"});

you don't need to define the hash in the routes, if you just want to match 'something' on the hash this is enough:

routes : { 
  "" : "renderMyPage",
  ":value" : "renderMyPage"

renderMyPage: function (value) {


in the latest backbone (0.9.10) you can use optional arguments so you can do everything in one route

routes : { 
  "(:value)" : "renderMyPage"
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