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I was wondering if somebody could help. I'm using the blobcache module outlined in this post here

This works fine but I'm looking to speed retrieval from memcache by using the get_multi() key function but my current code cannot find the keys when using get_multi

My current get def looks like this

def get(key):
  chunk_keys = memcache.get(key)
  if chunk_keys is None:
    return None
  chunk_keys= ",".join(chunk_keys)
  chunk = memcache.get_multi(chunk_keys)
  if chunk is None:
  return None
  return chunk
except Exception:
  return None

My understanding per the documentation is that you only need to pass through a string of keys to get_multi.

However his is not returning anything at the moment.

Can someone point out what i'm doing wrong here?

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pass it a list of strings (keys) , instead of a single string with commas in it.

get_multi(keys, key_prefix='', namespace=None, for_cas=False)

keys = List of keys to look up. A Key can be a string or a tuple of (hash_value, string), where the hash_value, normally used for sharding onto a memcache instance, is instead ignored, as Google App Engine deals with the sharding transparently.

Multi Get Documentation

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