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I have the following contract which gets an injected property at runtime:

public interface IBroker
   IDriver Driver { get; }

public interface IDriver
   void Save();

public class FileDriver : IDriver { }
public class SqlDriver : IDriver { }

I am preparing my mocks in one shot because the test fitness is pretty big, and I am preparing two versions of my broker in the following way:

var mockFileBroker = new Mock<IBroker>();
mockFileBroker.Setup(x => x.Driver).Returns(new FileDriver());

var mockSqlBroker = new Mock<IBroker>();
mockSqlBroker.Setup(x => x.Driver).Returns(new SqlDriver());

The problem is that when I investigate the property Driver it is always of type SqlDriver for both mocks ... so it looks like Moq is always resolving the contract IDriver using the latest registration ... Is there anything I can do to avoid this behavior?

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There must be something else going on. I just did a test using your interfaces and mock objects and the IDriver implementation I get back matches the one defined in the Setup. But why not mock out the IDriver as well -- or is this more of an integration test? – Patrick Steele Jan 18 '13 at 14:27
Well it is not an integration test, I am testing the behavior of the Driver and not the broker so I need to mock the Broker because I don't want to access directly the Driver. So it looks like an integration test because it involves more than 1 object but in reality is still a unit test. – Raffaeu Jan 18 '13 at 14:36
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Moq will return the latest registration, but only on the same object.

Double check you are not using the wrong broker somewhere, or that you have missed a mock somewhere and production code is re-setting your Driver.

Patrick Steele makes a good point that you should also consider mocking the returned IDriver too, especially as unit tests should typically avoid using the file system and databases.

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I know but the Driver gets injected an IConnection which is mocked too ... I am testing the code inside the method Save of IDriver for the differenc implementations. Btw, I will check what is going on and what is causing the swap – Raffaeu Jan 18 '13 at 15:18
I forgot to check my TestInitialize and TestTearDown. I was switching the instances that's why moq was resolving the wrong driver. Now it works! – Raffaeu Jan 18 '13 at 15:31

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