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For some time now, I have had troubles getting Google Analytics to work properly on my generated Github Pages. I've used the default snippet provided by Google but I think that the crawler that is looking for the snippet looks in the url instead of However, my default url in the Google Analytics profile is so it should be no problem.

Do anyone had a similar experience of adding Google Analytics to sites on Github Pages?

Do anyone have a suggestion on what could solve this so I can get some stats from my site?

The url is

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I went into the Profile Settings of the active profile and changed Default page to index.html. Now my tracking code can be found correctly.

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Do you have any filters on the UA-20806824-11 Google Analytics profile that could be filtering out data from Github?

I took a look at your site: the GA code looks good, and I saw tracking data for the page view being sent to the analytics servers.

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Nope, no filters in my profile. When I add the site to Google Analytics, do the crawler look in the folder of the url or in the root? – Victor Bjelkholm Jan 18 '13 at 17:11
There's no crawler involved with Google Analytics. All data is gathered on the client side when pages are viewed in the browser. – mike Jan 18 '13 at 21:09

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