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Merge all unique values if another cell matches. I already know how to merge cells but now some information is double. So what I would like to achieve is the following: if column A has the same name, then all values given in column B for that name must be given only ONCE in a new column. My data has a row 'names' and a row 'mode', for example (Row 1 is header) A2= Brenda, A3=Brenda, A4=Joey A5=Joey; B2=a B3=a, B4=a, B5=b So I want: E2= a E3=Empty E4=a,b E5=Empty

I already did merge the modes in column 3: =IF(A1<>A2;B2;C1&","&B2) So I get in this example: C2= a, C3=a,a C4=a C5=a,b

Then, I already did that only the first record get the additional modes in column 4: =IF(A1=A2;"";INDEX(Sheet1!$C:$C;COUNTIF(Sheet1!$A:$A;$A2)+MATCH($A2;Sheet1!$A:$A;0) -1)) So I get in this example D2= a,a D3=Empty D4=a,b D5=Empty

Now I need a column that only uniques values are given for each name. So in this example: E2= a E3=Empty E4=a,b E5=Empty

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If I am understanding how your data is structured, try this:

Add a new column, say column G for ease of explanation, that concatenates the name and mode in each row. So, cell G2="Brendaa", G3="Brendaa", G4="Joeya", G5="Joeyb", etc.

In your merge step you will test whether the current value in the cell for this column matches any previous values in the column: If no, you do the merge; if yes, you don't.

Your merge formula would change to something like the following:


Then you would the next step as before.

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