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I'd like to convert this problem into a query. At a guess should be three leftjoin and two select

|  id | require | 
|  1  |         |
|  2  |    1    |
|  3  |    2    |
|  4  |    3    |
|  5  |         |
|  6  |    5    |
|  7  |         |

|  id |
|  1  |
|  2  |

Having done the exercises one and two, which exercises can I do now?
Solution: 3,5,7

My logical process, step by step:
(all) - SELECT(required - done)-(done)
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - SELECT((1,2,3,5)-(1,2)) - (1,2)
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - SELECT(3,5) - (1,2)
(1,2,3,4,5,6,7) -(4,6) - (1,2)

How to write the query?

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Another solution without subselect

SELECT e.id FROM exercises e 
LEFT JOIN done d ON d.id = e.id 
LEFT JOIN done d_req ON d_req.id=e.require 
WHERE (d.id IS NULL AND d_req.id IS NOT NULL) 
         OR (e.require IS NULL AND d.id IS NULL)

the WHERE can be semplified (distributivity)

WHERE d.id IS NULL AND (d_req.id IS NOT NULL OR e.require IS NULL )
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Here's one way of doing it.

SELECT * FROM `exercises`
WHERE `id` NOT IN (SELECT `id` FROM `done`)
    `require` IS NULL OR
    `require` IN (SELECT `id` FROM `done`)
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Here is a working SQL fiddle which shows LIVE output: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!2/0726b/29/0

Also am pasting the query here:

  SELECT e1.* FROM exercises e1 
  LEFT JOIN done d1 ON e1.id = d1.id

) AS r1

WHERE r1.`require` IS NULL OR r1.`require` IN (SELECT id from done) 
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select id 
from exercises
where require in (select id from done)
   or require is null
select id from done;

Your set is: "Exercises that have de require done or don't have require, execpt those done".

UPDATE: without minus(probably that scared you):

select id 
from exercises
where (require in (select id from done)  or require is null)
   and id not in  (select id from done);
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