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Can I add additional localization to meta data of an app already in appstore (status - ready for sale) from the App Localizations section in itunes connect ?

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No, unfortunately Apple requires that your app be in an Editable state. From the iTunes Connect guide, Apple explains that you can make only these changes to your app once it is Ready for Sale:

Editing app-level information, such as rights and pricing, Game Center and iAd Network settings, and in-app purchases

Editing version-level information, such as app metadata and ratings

That means you can edit EXISTING metadata only. If you've already added a German localization, for example, you can update those keywords or app description. However, you cannot add a NEW language. To do so you must create a new version of your app and submit the update.

See this step-by-step tutorial for Adding a New Localization of your App Description

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thanks... actually I was confused with this... its clear now.. –  Abhijith pp Jan 19 '13 at 4:21

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