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I am writing automatic tests and I need to check if the Upload succeeded. How do I do that? How come there is no FileExist method?

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Exists method for blobs have been added in the new Storage Client Library 2.0 release. Since you are using an older library version, you can instead use FetchAttributes. It will throw an exception if the blob does not exist.

On the other hand, as Magnus also mentioned, Upload* methods throw an exception if they do not succeed.

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I recommend checking file size for case that forexample connection to server was closed before completing data transfer.

public bool WriteDocumentStream(String documentId, Stream dataStream, long length)
  CloudBlobContainer container = BlobClient.GetContainerReference(ContainerName);
  CloudBlob blob = container.GetBlobReference(documentId);

  bool success = blob.Properties.Length == length;
  if (!success)

  return success;

//length should be like this: context.Request.ContentLength 
//(if request have ContentLength defined at headers)
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