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I'm starting out with object-oriented programming in MATLAB, and I'm confused on how to best pass objects to other objects, as MATLAB doesn't feature static type definitions.

I have three different classes, all of which include some constants. Now, I want to use the constants defined in two of the classes in the methods of the third class - how should I do this? The classes are in no hierarchy.

So, I'm looking for something like #include in C++.

Problem illustrated below. How to write "*Object1" and "*Object2" references to access const1 and const2?

classdef Object1

    properties (Constant)
        const1 = 100;

        function Obj1 = Object1()

classdef Object2

    properties (Constant)
        const2 = 200;

        function Obj2 = Object2()

classdef Object3

    properties (Immutable)

        function Obj3 = Object3()
            Obj3.property3 = *Object1.const1 + *Object2.const2;
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I guess, if you provide an example it would be more clear. Also if you don't have to, don't get involved in OOP in matlab, stick to their more functional, traditional patterns. – Ali Jan 18 '13 at 15:24
Thanks for the tips. I would rather use OOP, because at the moment I have more than 10 global variables in my functional implementation, and not defining them as global I should include many of those constants in many function calls, which seems a bit daunting and also unclear. It would be best to use structs with the functional implementation, I guess, but still I see the constant access restriction as an advantage of the OOP over the functional. But let's see, how the OOP would work with the constants passed between objects, when I get it running. – rize Jan 18 '13 at 15:58
you can use structs – Ali Jan 19 '13 at 18:20
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Just remove the asterisks, and I think you have what you need.

There are a couple of other syntax errors in your code (replace Immutable with SetAccess = immutable, and add missing ends to the classdefs), but once I made those changes, I get:

a = Object3
a = 

    property3: 300

In general, to reference a Constant property from another class, just prefix the property with the class name (and possibly package name, if the classes are in a package).

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