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I am trying to deploy the default empty internet application template from .Net MVC 4, my app gives the same problem so figured start with the simplest app I could.

The server is 2008 R2 running .Net 4 (app has been changed to 4 from 4.5). I have other sites running on that machine with .Net 4 and MVC 3 but the MVC 4 app just brings up a blank page. I have confirmed HttpRedirection and HttpErrors are installed (and the MVC 3 apps run fine).

I have tried the solution from Michel van Engelen here i am getting blank page while deploying MVC application on IIS and confirmed it works on my machine but still a blank page.

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How are you deploying the site right now? –  MisterJames Jan 18 '13 at 15:27
I am publishing to the file system then copying over to the server. Same process as the MVC 3 sites. –  gdrider Jan 20 '13 at 11:30

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I ended up adding ELMAH to try get info on the exception that was causing the problem and the site started working, I am not sure what changes to the web.config to install ELMAH resulted in the site starting but did the same thing to my other original app and all is now fine.

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