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Which is the difference between WeightedNormalizedMoments, WeightedHuMoments and HuMoments? (

There are other shape properties scale-rotation invariant except HuMoment? There are example that show me how can i implement them? I find this example in c++ OpenCV(C): calculating moments FROM contour but i prefer working in python

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There is a very trivial descriptor that is invariant to everything: number of connected components; question solved ? But that is hardly a good descriptor per se, so maybe you want something better than that ? Fourier descriptors can be easily made invariant to scale and rotation, question solved now ? One of the problems with your question is that it actually contains multiple questions, pick one of them to be your question. –  mmgp Jan 18 '13 at 19:21

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Moments are always calculated/summed over a local image feature, which needs to be segmented and labelled in the first place. The following formula is valid for the weighted and non-weighted case:

m_ji = sum{ array(x, y) * x^j * y^i }

The actual difference between weighted and non-weighted moments in scikit-image (and in general) is the following:

non-weighted:  array(x, y) is a binary image
weighted:      array(x, y) is a grey-level image (each point/pixel is weighted by its grey-level)

These moments are only translation-invariant. To make them scale-invariant we need to normalize them with the following formula:

nu_ji = mu_ji / m_00^[(i+j)/2 + 1]

Invariance is meant in terms of geometric transformation.

For more information about moments and its applications you can also have a look at the linked references in the skimage.measure.regionprops function.

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Everything that you need is written here, including the definition of how to calculate your own moments. It's a trivial and sub-100 lines of code implementation.

Of course, you only want to sum over pixels actually inside the contour, so PointPolygonTest will be of use to you.

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i'm not well explained, here i find these 3 differents moments: WeightedNormalizedMoments, WeightedHuMoments and HuMoments. On wikipedia there are only mathematical formula. how i use it: skimage.measure.regionprops(label_image, properties=['huMoments']) ? labelimage is image's name? –  postgres Jan 19 '13 at 0:20
and WeightedHuMoments, why ought to be weighted? –  postgres Jan 19 '13 at 0:22
i find it for cv2 module here. there is a function moments for finding centroid. –  postgres Jan 19 '13 at 0:31

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