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I'd like to know if there is a way to store a Solr function expression in an intermediate variable so it doesn't get recomputed each time.

Take for example my concrete need. I have the necessity to sort by distance (but each distance grouped in a different range set, like it would be the case with distance faceting frange). These ranges are user definable and can be of any length.

For example a user defines the range set 1,2,3, the expression sent to Solr would be:

max(map(geodist(),0,1,1),max(map(geodist(),1,2,2),map(geodist(),2,3,3))) asc

Can that geodist() call be stored/memoized, or does Solr internally optimize such expressions?

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I am not sure about the following but might be worth a try :-


The above is called parameter dereferencing.


we are assigning the function geodist() to a local parameter v3. This parameter is substituted in another set of parameters :- v4 and v5 which are further substituted in v2 and the main function.

However, the above feature was introduced recently in solr 4.0

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