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I'm trying to extend my NSE with a toolbar button, but the icon I specified is never shown.
I return the icon location like shown in msdn.
This example is doing it the same way.

Here is the source:

HRESULT MyExplorerCommand::GetIcon(
    IShellItemArray*,LPWSTR *ppszIcon )
  wchar_t iconPath[MAX_PATH+10];
  GetModuleFileName( moduleInstance,iconPath,MAX_PATH );
  wcscat( iconPath,L",-24" );
  return( SHStrDup(iconPath,ppszIcon) );

And that's my resource file:

24 ICON 24_info.ico

Text and tooltip are shown as expected, but I want an icon instead of the text.

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It seems this ability has been removed in Windows 7.

In here I found this:

Icons on the command bar in Windows Explorer and common application dialogs for Open/Save.

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