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I was searching for a complete simple example about logged user handling with GWT RequestFactory.

I found that I have to catch the HTTPServletRequest (server-side) with a command like this:

HttpServletRequest request = RequestFactoryServlet.getThreadLocalRequest();

but I can't imagine how to build the complete (client-side/server-side) RequestFactory invocation/response catching.

Can you provide some simple classes?

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I think what you want to use is a servlet filter.

GWT RequestFactory authentication functions

Have used this method in the past and it works great, also a great way to manage entity managers.

We use this and have a few different RequestFactory's that use different urls so that we can set the filter accordingly.

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Ok, this can be a solution. But what I need is a simple RequestFactory fire event in which I can keep the user logged into Http Session. I see that the method getThreadLocalRequest() is a method of RequestFactoryServlet, but I cannot know how to use it into a call with Proxy/Entity and Request/Dao classes... – Matteo P. Jan 21 '13 at 8:23

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