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In all likelihood, this question reveals my gross misunderstandings of Rails, HTTP, and the internet.


I have a request hitting my server from a "transparent redirect" via Stripe API. The request is coming in as HTML format. I want to respond to it in JS format in an AJAX-esque way. My code looks like this:

def create
       .... other code ....
    render "attendances/create", formats: [:js]

I have a view file "attendances/create.js.erb." This successfully sends a response, but rather than the response executing the JS, the JS is instead rendered as HTML. It thus looks like plaintext JS.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this!

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What are the request headers, Your ajax request must have accept request headers of javascript instead of default html, for it to allow/execute the js response directly.

See datatype here , it should be script

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This led me in the correct direction, which was really spending more time understanding HTTP requests. For some reason calling jquery's .submit() on a remote: true form was overriding Rails's :remote => :true functionality. Figured that out by inspecting the headers more closely. Ended up just calling my own $.ajax() rather than using $.submit(). –  Michael Pell Jan 21 '13 at 18:29

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