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I've got a WCF wsHttpBinding service, which I need to access from PHP.

The service has a single method which looks like this:

public string DoSomething(
        string[] headers, 
        string pageUrl, 
        string pageText, 
        string userName, 
        string password, 
        string phone, 
        long id, 
        string previousUrl,
        string extraParams,
        MyEnum enumMember);

I've seen some suggestions, where method can be accessed as a GET url, but because the method contains an array, and pageText may be a rather large param, it seems very impractical to me.

I'd like to POST method params to some url and get the result in response.

Can anyone explain to me how to do this?

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please check this article, it may help you.

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The link posted in this answer is dead. – Robula Apr 6 at 13:50

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