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I want to use columns 'A' and 'B' to create column 'Result' which is content of A repeated B number of times

A  B  Result
z  3  zzz
az 2  azaz

Tried using Result=repeat(A,B) which didn't work out. Is there something I missed while using the repeat statement?

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The REPEAT function returns a character value consisting of the first argument repeated n times, Thus, the first argument appears n + 1 times in the result.

So, you have to subtract 1 from B to get the result that you want.


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It is simple in R! . Sorry I did not look for the tag, but here is how R does it

Try the function makeNstr() from package Hmisc

>df <- data.frame(A = c("a","az"), B = c(3,2)) 
>Result <- makeNstr(df$A,df$B)
>df <- cbind(df,Result)
 A B Result
1  a 3    aaa
2 az 2   azaz

Hope you find it useful

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