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From the Postgresql documentation:

int cursorOptions
    Integer bit mask of cursor options; zero produces default behavior.

What is the default behavior? Where is a complete list of cursor options? I've been looking through the documentation for an hour now. Can someone provide a link or point me in the right direction?

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I am compiling a list of cursorOptions as I peel through the documentation to help save the others the trouble.

Defined in <src/include/nodes/parsenodes.h>:


CURSOR_OPT_SCROLL (0x0002) is required by several SPI commands. Setting this option will allow for more complex movement through cursors. Further details are explained in the documentation of SPI_cursor_fetch, SPI_cursor_move, SPI_scroll_cursor_fetch, SPI_scroll_cursor_move



CURSOR_OPT_HOLD (0x0010) is ignored by SPI_prepare_cursor. However, it's behavior for SPI_prepare_params and SPI_cursor_open_with_args is not specified in the documentation.




NOTE: If anyone with the ability to edit posts wishes to contribute to this answer (additional options, functionality or insights), please feel free to do so. I will try to move comments up into the answer as they come.

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I'm not checking code, so this might be wrong, but the postgresql 9.1 documentation for SPI_prepare_cursor specifically says CURSOR_OPT_HOLD is ignored. – Gary Jan 18 '13 at 22:41

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