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I have 2 classes, StockNDate and Datapoint. StockNDate is an embedded entity that I've put into DataPoint. I'd like to set it up so that there can only be one Datapoint with one StockNDate. I tried using a @Column annotation, but that doesn't seem to do anything. My question is very similar to How to get a unique key for two fields with Hibernate? , but it looks like it was made for an eariler version of Hibernate because when I try to implement it, I get compile time errors. I'm using Hibernate 4.1.9.Final.

public class StockNDate implements Serializable{
    private Stock mParentStock;

    private LocalDate mDate;

public class DataPoint implements Serializable{

    @Column(unique = true) // THIS DOESN'T DO ANYTHING
    private StockNDate mFingerPrint = new StockNDate();
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what are the errors that you get? – Rachel Gallen Jan 18 '13 at 18:32
The code above doesn't give me any errors, it just goes ahead and saves duplicate DataPoints to the database. When I try to implement the solution on the link I mentioned, I get an error saying that uniqueConstraints is undefined for the annotation type Table. – HappyCoder86 Jan 18 '13 at 19:24

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