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Can someone let me know what the available StatusCodes are on IOperationResult or point me to some documentation ?

I had a look at the docs online but haven't found anything. I downloaded code from GitHub but the only thing I've found is the enum StatusCodeEnums with two codes (Success(0) and NotFound(1)).

However, I have a test that returns a status code 2 and the following message:

Message = "Failed to process response: \0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0?'q\0\0\0\0P_"

(yes, it has the \0 characters - it's not a copy paste/ formatting error)

The test is trying to store the same thing twice against the same key in StoreMode.Add - so I would expect an exception.

I'm using Couchbase 2.0 with the .NET client 1.2.

Can anyone provide a list of codes that can be expected with description what they mean?

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The message below was a corrupted response from the cluster, it has been fixed in 2.2 release. Defect MB-8149 covers this issue in more detail.

Message = "Failed to process response: \0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0?'q\0\0\0\0P_"

The SDK manual has a list of all the StatusCodes.

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I did some more research and found these links which detail the response codes for the Memcached Binary Protocol. They seem to correspond to what Couchbase returns, however, after scanning their latest source code I still cannot find any reference to that. They are using a nullable int for the status code.

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This is an old post bug, the statuscodes are now documented here:

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