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I am retrieving a string from the messages file (a string resource file with key and values) and trying to store it in a javascript variable . It apparently contains characters that javascript does not like. How can I retrieve the string from the messages file without having to edit all the strings in the messages file, to avoid the "Unexpected identifier" error message which kills the entire script? I tried adding quotes around: "&{ 'pages.'+_section+'.footnote.'+_page+'.html' }" but it did not help...

crashes right here:

var sRefTxt =  "&{  'pages.'+_section+'.footnote.'+_page+'.html' }";

My Play! version is 1.2.4

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The &{''} syntax is a shortcut to load a message. It takes a string as a parameter. You cannot use variables in here.

Instead of using this syntax:


You can use this:


For your example, it would be:

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Ha I actually just figured this out. Thanks though! – Mike Jan 18 '13 at 19:49

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