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I'm trying to imitate scrollTop (jQuery) in vanilla JS, so on click it scrolls to an element. This works fine - unless you have already scrolled past the element. So it doesn't scroll the opposite way. Should my formula incorporate window.pageYOffset?

var moves = function(scrollz) {
    var scrollPos = document.getElementById(scrollz).offsetTop - ((document.documentElement.clientHeight - document.getElementById(scrollz).offsetHeight) / 2);

    var timerID = setInterval(function() {
        window.scrollBy(0, speed);
        if (window.pageYOffset >= scrollPos) {
    }, 13);
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scrollBy will scroll from "actual position" to "number of pixel defined" I think you might take a look at scrollTo

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Thanks Philippe, i just set a counter starting at window.pageYOffset and incremented it at setintervals till scrollPos[above] was reached –  Neo Jan 18 '13 at 19:11

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