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I am writing an Android application for a single specific phone (which just needs to run on my personal phone) and I need to make use of the following large array, which I want to use to efficiently convert RGB colors to HSV:

RainbowTable = new float[256*256*266][3];

The total size of this array should be 256*256*256*3*4B = 201326592B = 192MB. When I debug the app, I get an out of memory exception, although approximately 300MB RAM are still free before its execution, according to the Android task manager.

I have already set the large-heap-option to true in the manifest file.

What can I do to prevent this error and preserve the needed amount of RAM?

EDIT: My phone is rooted, so maybe there is a possibility to increase the size of the memory heap per application.

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That seems like A LOT of memory... – dmon Jan 18 '13 at 19:28

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Each device has a maximum per-app RAM cap. If this call in the manifest does not alleviate your problem:


Then your only other option is to write your code using the NDK. But that's a pretty hefty thing to dive into, so I would try to figure out an alternative first.

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The maximum heap size is device dependent and 192MB is likely to be over the limit allowed by devices at the moment.

However, this answer indicates that you can use the NDK to allocate more memory.

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If you already tried this largeHeap=true, I doubt there is a working solution, normally the size of a single memory heap can be maximal 24 - 48 mb depending on the device

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I have already stated in my question that I have set it to true, but thank you for your effort. – Birk Jan 18 '13 at 18:34

You can use ByteBuffer

ByteBuffer byteBuffer = ByteBuffer.allocate( bigSize);
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Unfortunately this does not work for me neither. Using a byte buffer I receive an out-of-memory-exception again. – Birk Jan 18 '13 at 18:51

yes this memory issue happens when app uses large memory. do call System.gc(); this will clear the garbage collector explicitly. Every app in android uses the limited ammount of memory its about 16mb. so try this.

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GC will do nothing since the object is referenced. – Simon Jan 18 '13 at 18:39

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