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I am writing regex for a javascript application (Qualtrics) and can't figure out how to create regex for a phone number field that may or may not be international and may be blank. So the requirements are possible "+","0-9","-",".",""

If I can figure it out, I'd also like to create flexibility for spaces before and after the entry.

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what have you try? – slier Jan 18 '13 at 19:36
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If you just need an arbitrary number of characters including numbers, +, -, . and space (and also assuming you wish to match the entire input), then fairly simply:


If your looking for something to validate placement of dots, dashes, spaces etc. and validate length, the regex to accomplish that tends to get very complicated and silly. For example, this:


Seems to be a standard implementation to handle a subset of the set you wish to recognize, if I understand correctly.

An approach like that outlined in this question might be a more sensible solution.

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Thank you! The first, very simple code seems to work for what I need. I want to allow for a wide variety of entries without allowing letters, irrelevant characters, etc. The only case where this doesn't quite work is for extensions, which I'm willing to live without. Thanks again. – user1991491 Jan 18 '13 at 19:54

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