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i want to log sql generated by an application and have started to read about sql logging in a Grails application.

I tried to set the logSql = true setting but this gives me an unreadable set of sql and parameters. (a lot of parameters that are difficult to map to the sql statement)

Is there a prefered way of logging the sql so one can track the sql and look for performance bottlenecks? Should is use log4jdbc for example?

All hints and tips are welcome!

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There are really a lot of questions on here about this that have very good answers. You should search first – James Kleeh Jan 18 '13 at 20:02
I have seen that there are a lot of questions with a lot of different answers. I am just asking if there is a prefered way! – Marco Jan 18 '13 at 22:49
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I've seen great stuff from Burt Beckwith. Logging Hibernate SQL

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A simple way to monitor the performance of SQL queries in a grails application is with the JavaMelody plugin. Melody keeps track of the number of times each query is run along with the average and worst run times. It also provides a simple interface to examine this and other runtime statistics about your app.

Unfortunately, it has some issues with grails 2.0: Grails Melody plugin no longer logs SQL calls as of grails 2.0

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