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I have added a simple button to a tableview controller, I use grouped tableview cells so I want button to be the same width as cells.

enter image description here

For simplicity I opened view options of button on IB, inspector. I can change the height but width turns to 768 when I try to change it.

enter image description here

I dont wanna use tableviewfooter because I need button before and after any sections is generated. If I add button to view button does not stay beneath table view rows.

How can I change the width of the button? Or another method to add button beneath all sections and cell of tableview that will also appear when there is no cells or sections?

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Trying to understand the end result you are looking for. Is it to have a button below the table view? If so, then suggest you create a nominal UIViewController that manages a table view and a button. It looks right now like a button has been added to a table view, which will result in strange behavior. – bobnoble Jan 18 '13 at 20:09
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Just delete that button and drag and drop a uiview to same position. Once you have your UIView you should be able to add what UIelements inside of that UIview

enter image description here

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