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I can not retrieve a variable from "Entry" and then enter the variable to a function. For example, I want to retrieve "NbF" which is a variable "entry". I did in "set" and I can retrieve it with "get" but when I get a new text "entry" I do not get the new value.

This is my code :

# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
from Tkinter import *
import tkFileDialog, tkMessageBox

application = Tk()
application.title("Application Drone - Analyse Vidéo")

def getFile(): 
        varName = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename().encode('utf-8')
        Name.set('Path : ' + varName)

def convert(nbFrame):
    print 'ffmpeg -i pathVideo -r '+nbFrame+' -f image2 "temp%4d.png"' 

def detect():

def analyse():

frame1 = Frame(application, bg="blue",   width=560, height=100)
frame1.pack(side=TOP, fill=X)

frame2 = Frame(application, bg="red",   width=560, height=100)
frame2.pack(side=TOP, fill=X)

frame3 = Frame(application, bg="green",   width=560, height=100)
frame3.pack(side=TOP, fill=X)

frame4 = Frame(application, bg="yellow",   width=560, height=100)
frame4.pack(side=TOP, fill=X)

frame5 = Frame(application, bg="grey",    width=560, height=100)
frame5.pack(side=BOTTOM, fill=BOTH, expand=1)

#frame 1
lab1 = Label(frame1, text="Step 1 : Recup video").grid(row=0,column=0)
butt1 = Button(frame1,text="browse",command=getFile).grid(row=0,column=1)
nameVideo = Label(frame1, textvariable=Name).grid(row=1,column=0)

#frame 2
NbF = StringVar()
lab2 = Label(frame2, text="Step 2 : Convert video to images").grid(row=0,column=0)
ent2 = Entry(frame2, textvariable=NbF).grid(row=0,column=1)
# ent2.pack()
NbF.set('nb frame')
recup2 = NbF.get()
butt2 = Button(frame2,text="convert",command=lambda :convert(recup2)).grid(row=0,column=2)
nbP = Label(frame2, textvariable=NbPictures).grid(row=1,column=0)

#frame 3
lab3 = Label(frame3, text="Step 3 : Detect shape").grid(row=0,column=0)
butt3 = Button(frame3,text="detect",command=lambda :detect).grid(row=0,column=1)
numberShape = Label(frame3, textvariable=NbS).grid(row=1,column=0)

#frame 4
lab4 = Label(frame4, text="Step 4 : Analyse QrCode").grid(row=0,column=0)
butt4 = Button(frame4,text="analyse",command=lambda :analyse).grid(row=0,column=1)
numberCoord = Label(frame4, textvariable=NbC).grid(row=1,column=0)

#frame 5
lab5 = Label(frame5, text="Step 5 : Send coordonates").grid(row=0,column=0)
butt5 = Button(frame5,text="send",command=lambda :send).grid(row=0,column=1)

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i'm having a hard time understanding what the problem is here. there are a few things that could be causing problems though -- the .grid method always returns None. In your code you're assigning None to a lot of variables when I doubt you expect to. –  mgilson Jan 18 '13 at 20:28

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Perhaps you meant:

butt2 = Button(frame2,text="convert",command=lambda :convert(NbF.get())).grid(row=0,column=2)

This defers calling NbF.get() until the button is actually pressed. As the code was before, you were calling NbF.get() before the button was created and then passing that value to the function whenever you pressed the button.

As a side note, butt2 in the above code will always be None which is almost certainly not what you wanted it to be. The reason for this is because Widget.grid always returns None. I would advise you to not create a widget and pack/grid it on the same line -- always split that into 2 lines:

butt2 = Button(frame2,text="convert",command=lambda :convert(NbF.get()))
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Thank you very much. it works perfectly. I'll change all my Widget.grid. –  Tof Jan 18 '13 at 21:34

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