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PHP: “Notice: Undefined variable” and “Notice: Undefined index”

I have an pre-done php file thats help me read from an xml file. The problem is when im calling it from the html file ill get the undefined index.

I know Im missing something, but cant seem to know how to double? implement them in the get string."GET","prod.php?category=1"+str,true);

and the error message is pointing om row 7 in my PHP file where it says

$products = $_GET['products'];

If i change my GET file from category=1 to prodicts=1 i get the error in row 6 where the

$category = $_GET['category']; variable is.

Any ideas ?


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You need to check if $_GET['products'] and $_GET['category'] even exist. Try:

    $products = $_GET['products'];
    $category = $_GET['category'];

It's saying that $products or $category are undefined.

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This worked, when i changed the PHP file, but I'm not supposed to change that file. Is there another way i can manage the problem from the index file. – Dymond Jan 19 '13 at 15:30

You need to monitor the concrete HTTP request that you send to the server. If:

  • the query-part contains the variable, the error is wrong and you must have made something wrong in the PHP or webserver configuration.
  • the query-part does not contain those variables, the error messages are correct. You then might want to check why those variables are not part of the request.
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