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I have this function in SQL Server to replace single quote.

But when I insert single quote it throws an error on Replace(@strip,''',''))

Create Function [dbo].[fn_stripsingleQuote]
    (@strStrip varchar(Max))
    returns varchar
    declare @CleanString varchar(Max)
    SET @var=(Replace(@strip,'',''))

    return @var
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You need to double up your single quotes as follows:

REPLACE(@strip, '''', '')
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Try REPLACE(@strip,'''',''))

SQL uses two quotes to represent one in a string.

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If you really must completely strip out the single quotes you can do this:

Replace(@strip, '''', '')

However, ordinarily you'd replace ' with '' and this will make SQL happy when querying the database. The trick with any of the built-in SQL functions (like replace) is that they too require you to double up your single quotes.

So to replace ' with '' in code you'd do this:

Replace(@strip, '''', '''''')

Of course... in some situations you can avoid having to do this entirely if you utilize parameters when querying the database. Say you're querying the database from a .NET application, then you'd use the SqlParameter class to feed the SqlCommand parameters for the query and all of this single quote business will be taken care of automatically. This is usually the preferred method as SQL parameters will also help prevent SQL injection attacks.

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Looks like you're trying to duplicate the QUOTENAME functionality. This built-in function can be used to add delimiters and properly escape delimiters inside strings and recognizes both single ' and double " quotes as delimiters, as well as brackets [ and ].

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The striping/replacement/scaping of single quotes from user input (input sanitation), has to be done before the SQL statement reaches the database.

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It can be done on the inserts aswell, so the admin is not only on the dba –  Adriaan Stander Sep 17 '09 at 19:20
this implies sprocs open to sql injection are ok. i do not agree with this implication. –  John Dhom Apr 9 '12 at 17:55

Try escaping the single quote with a single quote:

Replace(@strip, '''', '')
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Besides needing to escape the quote (by using double quotes), you've laso confused the names of variables: you're using @var and @strip, instead of @CleanString and @strStrip...

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i think this is the shortest sql statement for that:

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_stripsingleQuote] (@strStrip varchar(Max))
    RETURNS varchar(Max)
    RETURN (Replace(@strStrip ,'''',''))

hope this helps!

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If escaping your single quote with another single quote isn't working for you (like it didn't for one of my recent REPLACE() queries), you can use SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF before your query, then SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON after.

For example



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It seems like the OP is not understanding why putting a single quote inside single quotes does not work. Changing the way identifiers are quoted is unlikely to fix that. Also, this question is 3 years old... –  Jonhoo Sep 5 '13 at 23:50
The OP said his function's purpose was to replace a single quote. My solution is indeed a valid approach to that function. Also, If other users find that the answers to this question don't help with REPLACE(), as in my case, this solution may indeed be helpful. In short, my answer may be helpful to others, if not necessarily the OP. And what difference does the age of a question make if it's helpful to the community? –  Brad Waite Sep 7 '13 at 1:10

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