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I'm using a node module and would like to call some of its methods on subclasses of ObjectWrap from C++. It's not entirely clear to me how to correctly construct the Arguments object in the function definitions.

For instance, I'd like to call the following method (Context2d extends ObjectWrap):

Context2d::LineTo(const Arguments &args) {
    HandleScope scope;

    if (!args[0]->IsNumber()) 
        return ThrowException(Exception::TypeError(String::New("lineTo() x must be a number")));
    if (!args[1]->IsNumber()) 
        return ThrowException(Exception::TypeError(String::New("lineTo() y must be a number")));

    Context2d *context = ObjectWrap::Unwrap<Context2d>(args.This());
    cairo_line_to(context->context(), args[0]->NumberValue(), args[1]->NumberValue()); 

    return Undefined();

So, concisely: having an unwrapped Context2D, how do I call the static LineTo such that the same instance is returned from the args.This call? I realize of course that I can figure this out by digging through v8, but I was hoping someone knowledgable on the topic could point me in the right direction.

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You should be able to call it with something like this. I'm assuming that the function is toLine on the object. You haven't shown your object prototype construction so you'll have to adjust this to match.

int x = 10;
int y = 20;
Context2D *context = ...;

// Get a reference to the function from the object.
Local<Value> toLineVal = context->handle_->Get(String::NewSymbol("toLine"));
if (!toLineVal->IsFunction()) return; // Error, toLine was replaced somehow.

// Cast the generic reference to a function.
Local<Function> toLine = Local<Function>::Cast(toLineVal);

// Call the function with two integer arguments.
Local<Value> args[2] = {
toLine->Call(context->handle_, 2, args);

This should be equivalent to this JS:

var toLineVal = context.toLine;
if (typeof toLineVal !== 'function') return; // Error

toLineVal(10, 20);
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