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Install Windows 8 Application from a Local Source?

How do you install Windows 8 apps you create from a local source? Is that possible? And if it is possible, how would you come across doing something like that?

Or would you have to submit it to the Microsoft Store?

I ask because I need to create an application that is private for a company, but haven't come across any documentation, or anything.

Thank you!

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There are a few options for side-loading, but in your particular circumstance "application that is private for a company", the best reference is How to Add and Remove Apps.

In a nutshell for Windows 8 Enterprise devices, if they are joined to a domain, you can sideload the application (from the .appx file). For other versions of Windows 8 (or non-domain joined), you would need to purchase a sideloading product activation key.

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