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I know I can add a ChangeListener to detect when the tab changed, but I would like to do it before it changed. Here's my situation:

when my user tries to switch tab I do a validation some content on the current tab and the tab should switch only if the validation passes. If I use addChangeListener and switch it back upon validation failure (hoping that it happens fast enough that I won't see it) I will see the tab switched and then immediately switched back which looks stupid.

Something within JTabbedPane is responding to tab click for sure that triggers a state change, I just wonder if this functionality is exposed outside of the class. Either way, is there a good solution for this?

Thanks in advance

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Here is a nice approach to do validation before switching tabs by creating a custom VetoableSingleSelectionModel:

Forbid tab change in a JTabbedPane

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Overriding setSelectedIndex() works. Thanks Freek. (Should've thought of this :) ) –  user1861088 Jan 18 '13 at 22:18

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