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I have a report in RS2008 (NOT R2) where I need one of the columns to link to a different site. I can accomplish this by going to Textbox Properties -> Action -> Hyperlink -> Go To URL -> Insert URL formula.

However, this URL by default consumes the parent window. There is a solution whereby you can insert some JavaScript (ex. JavaScript:void(window.open('[URL]','_blank')) into the URL formula and that also works like a charm.

The problem with that is that if the user then subscribes to the report, they get it via email. Since we use a desktop mail client (Outlook), JavaScript does not work!!!

So, it would be really nice if there was a way I could inject HTML in the cell so that the link works in browsers and desktop mail clients.

Any help?

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In typing my question I found the answer, hurrah for ask the duck!


Hope this helps the next poor sap that is using RS2008...

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