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I am planning on making an in-app emoji keyboard, that popups up when the user presses a "+" button.

My inspiration is the emoji keyboard in Chomp SMS.

Screenshot of Chomp SMS

I have found an open source emoji keyboard at https://github.com/zeuxisoo/android-emoji-keyboard

How do i present this keyboard on top of the system keyboard, without actually selecting it as an input type i.e. when i close the keyboard and click on an EditText, the system keyboard should appear.

Also, do i use a KeyboardView?

When clicking on an emoji, it should appear in the EditText. This can be achieved through an ImageSpan or HTML src i suppose.

The most important question is, when i get the text of the EditText, does it return the actual Unicode value of the emoji, or some other value because of the ImageSpan?

Can someone link me to a list of Unicode values for a complete emoji list?

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Beware, the license for this open-source is Creative Commons NC (non-commercial). – JRun Aug 7 '13 at 7:32
I have built a keyboard using native library: github.com/madhur/android-chat-starter – Madhur Ahuja Mar 6 '15 at 16:44

I was stuck on the same problem. I finally managed to solve it using a PopupWindow. You can find the solution here : https://github.com/ankushsachdeva/emojicon

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You can find the complete list of unicode char in the given link.


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It is not inapp keyboard. It is a keyboard application and provides another input method. Like minuum or google keyboard

You can activate it in your language & input settings Settings

And it looks like thisExample

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