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I was wondering whether or not BreezeJS is compatible when using other technologies other than Web API and/or Entity Framework? As I'm currently in development of a SPA using Service Stack to retrieve data and ORMLite?

So I am curious how BreezeJS handle's this as I know it uses it's own API Controller usually with an extension of the DbContext class which Entity Framework uses. Thanks.

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There is currently a sample called NoDb in the samples zip available on the breeze website. This sample does not use EF, but it does use WebApi. So I'd start by looking there. ( additional documentation on this sample should be added within a day or two as well).

In terms of using ServiceStack instead of WebApi, breeze supports the concept of a "dataServiceAdapter" and currently ships with two, an OData adapter and a WebApi adapter. It is certainly possible to write a ServiceStack adapter that breeze could use but this is not trivial. Please add this as a feature request ( and vote for it) on the breeze User Voice. We take these requests seriously.

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Hi, thanks for the link! I've made a request: breezejs.uservoice.com/forums/173093-breeze-feature-suggestions/… . I will also take a look at the sample for NoDb! –  BiffBaffBoff Jan 19 '13 at 8:31

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