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I want to output data from a query result into a text input and a normal echo but it is not outputting anything. I have no errors in php, am I doing something wrong in mysqli code that it is not echoing anything?

function ShowAssessment()
        $sessiondetailsquery = "
            SELECT SessionId, SessionName        
            FROM Session
            (SessionId = ?)";

        global $mysqli;



        // You only need to call bind_param once
        // get result and assign variables (prefix with db)



        <h3>CHOSEN ASSESSMENT</h3>
        <input type='text' id='currentId' name='Idcurrent' readonly='readonly' value='<?php $detailsSessionId; ?>' /></td> 
        <strong>Assessment:</strong> <?php echo $detailsSessionName; ?>
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You've got 2 bind_params doing the same thing in your code.

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Legend, thanks for answer haha :) –  user1964964 Jan 18 '13 at 22:52

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